“Desert Flower”

“Desert Flower” is part of a new, emerging minimalist series in 2022. The series features bold, graphic works in black with a small, singular element of color. The key word here is “restraint”, which is easier said than done. So much more could be added to any piece in this series and yet the powerful, spontaneous, suggestive essence of the original black forms would be lost in doing so.

In my experience, modern art is ultimately about the ability to allow a spontaneous expression of an unconscious, inner impulse uncensored by the thinking, calculating, conscious mind. If the artist is, at any given moment, transparent enough to allow a spontaneous expression such as this to emerge, the battle is only half won. The artist still has to contend with an internal tsunami of reaction to the image and an almost uncontrollable urge to interpret, control, add to or change it in accordance with the tangle of one’s personal paradigm. To just leave it alone, to let it simply be what it is, to allow the image to reveal itself and its meaning over time requires tremendous restraint and a willingness to be taught. I believe that modern art, at its highest level of expression, ultimately teaches an artist to suspend judgement, to wait, to watch and to learn…


“Desert Flower”

48″ X 48″ original painting mixed acrylic media and paper on canvas Denise C. Marts, 2022 All rights reserved