‘WHITE PORTAL’ symbolizes a threshold of sorts, a doorway or perhaps even a more extended process of passage from one domain to another. A being of immense light stands in the center of this portal. Depending upon how it appears to the viewer, the figure can be seen as either coming or going. He/she could be either emerging from the background or entering into it. Your intuitive sense of which direction the being is traveling can potentially reveal a great deal about your own current trajectory in life. A portal is no small thing. They don’t exist everywhere and we seldom actually encounter one. Their presence is an indicator of monumental, potentially life altering changes, the kind of changes we all profess to want the most yet simultaneously fear the most. A good question to contemplate when you look at the image in this painting is, do you currently find yourself in a process of coming or going? Or perhaps both?

‘WHITE PORTAL’ 30” X 40”, mixed acrylic media on canvas, Denise Marts, 2021, all rights reserved

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