The New MARTS MODERN Gallery …

We are excited (and a little surprised!) to announce the opening of the new MARTS MODERN brick and mortar gallery space on the historic waterfront of beautiful La Connor, Washington. Though the gallery acquisition seemed to happen rather suddenly, we have in fact been looking into taking studio and/or gallery space there since 2017. In that sense, we are not really that surprised. The timing caught us a little off guard though, but in a good way! We actually came very close to leasing this exact space in late 2019, but something told us to hold back. Little did we know at the time that the pandemic and subsequent global lockdown were looming just over the horizon. Recently, the same space opened up again and this time we jumped on it. It is such a great spot and we couldn’t be happier to have found a new home that will allow us to reach out in person to the art loving community as never before…

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