‘RESERVOIR’, a power spot…

Though ‘Reservoir’ appears at first glance to be an abstract painting, it actually evokes deep intimations of a serene high mountain desert landscape consisting of sky, mountain, land and water. Technically, paintings with a subject matter are not, by definition, abstract. So, it might be more accurate to say that ‘Reservoir’ is a landscape painting painted in an abstract style.

This is a deeply personal painting in that it is reminiscent of the place where I had my first experience of a power spot high in the Wasatch mountains of Utah. A power spot is a place where the energy configurations of the place are sufficiently different and dominant enough to make it literally impossible for one to maintain one’s normal baseline state of mind. Like the aim of all meditation, a power spot can dislodge consciousness from its usual moorings which allows the mind to naturally ascend to higher ground. Spending time in a power spot can be indispensable in helping one to achieve a shift in perspective.

‘RESERVOIR’, 48”X48”, mixed acrylic media on canvas, Denise Marts, 2021, all rights reserved

“RESERVOIR”, Denise C. Marts

48”X48” original mixed acrylic media painting on canvas


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